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We provide advanced laser periodontal care and implant dentistry services to patients. Our care is driven by safety and comfort, and we provide services utilizing advanced technology and techniques to promote better patient experiences and long-lasting, predictable treatment outcomes. Dr. Darryl Field and our team are excited to bring you dedicated, high-quality restorative care, and we encourage you to contact our office if you are in need of periodontal or dental implant services.

Don't Fear Gum Surgery!

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Why Should You Choose LANAP?

  • Gum Disease in Jacksonville, FL• 24 Hour Recovery Time with Minimal Discomfort
  • • 98% of Laser Treated Patients Remain Stable After Five Years
  • • Greater Predictability for Reattachment of Gum Tissue and Bone Regeneration
  • • Less Time in the Dental Chair
  • • Reduced Risk of Infection
  • • Decreased Sensitivity and Less Bleeding
  • • Little to No Gum Recession

Less Pain. Less Discomfort. LANAP.

Laser Gum Treatment in Jacksonville, FL