LANAP® Laser Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL

The alternative to traditional periodontal surgery.

“No-Cut, No-Sew” Gum Surgery

Save your smile with a more gentle and precise method.

Periodontal disease can now be treated with LANAP, the Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

This FDA-approved laser treatment…Click to open a new window to the LANAP website… replaces traditional gum surgery that required scalpels and sutures. Plus, it targets the inflammation in your gum without hurting or removing any healthy gum tissue!

Dr. Darryl Field prefers this gum disease treatment because it’ll:

  • Cause less bleeding and swollen gums
  • Reduce gum recession
  • Promote jawbone regrowth
  • Protect healthy gum tissue
  • Allow your body to recover faster

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Minimally Invasive

No scalpel, cutting, or sutures are needed with LANAP laser. With this conservative treatment, you’ll experience less pain, bleeding, and sensitivity!

Quicker Healing

Get back to your normal routine immediately. With gentle and precise lasering, recovery times are faster and easier than ever.

Esthetic + Effective

Keep the appearance of your gums and smile intact, without needing to remove or reconstruct healthy gum tissues. Plus, it’ll prevent further infections.

Restore Your Smile

Our periodontics specialist offers minimally invasive gum therapy for you.

A portrait of Dr. Darryl A. Field

Dr. Field has over 20 years of experience in dentistry, including specializations in periodontics and implant dentistry.

His credentials include:

With his advanced training specific in gum disease and treatment, you’re in the best hands for your LANAP laser procedure.

In addition:

Darryl A. Field, D.D.S., P.A. Periodontics & Implant Dentistry strives to make your dental visit stress-free with our modern technology, welcoming environment, and one-on-one appointments to prioritize your needs.

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Step 1

The LANAP laser is about the size of 3 human hairs. It’s gently placed between your gum and teeth to selectively remove diseased gum tissues. It’ll kill germs that cause gum disease and leave healthy tissue unharmed in the gum pocket.

Step 2

LANAP lasers increase access and visibility of build-up on the surfaces of your teeth. Then, we’ll use a tiny, ultrasonic root cleaner to flush out the build-up. The laser will then be used a second time at the bottom to remove any remaining debris and sterilize the gum area.

Step 3

The cleaned area will cause blood cells to become sticky, creating a seal around your teeth. Once the seal is completely formed, your teeth will now have a clean and stable environment for healing to begin. It’ll activate your body to grow it’s own bone back and help reverse the effects of gum disease!

Stop Gum Disease with Our LANAP Laser

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